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17.04.2011 - At the beginning of 2011 Peugeot launched it's new competitor called 908. Later on the front of the car received another update with new lights and aerodynamics. This version is the one that was originally presented.

27.12.2010 - More than 10 years after Chris Rimmer and Francois Terrien started with their Le Mans 1999 carset this task is finally completed. I added the missing parts and updated the existing ones, so that the complete line-up is finally available.

23.09.2010 - With help of Lola, MG entered sportscar-racing in 2001 with two LMP675-cars. Although clearly fastest in it's class no EX257 was able to finish the 24h of Le Mans. For 2002 the car's reliability was improved, but again neither of the cars managed to finish.
16.09.2010 - The Speedy Racing Team Sebah was renamed Rebellion Racing for 2010. Two Lola B10/60 cars were fielded in the 2010 LMS, the engine was a Judd V10 that was re-badged as V10 Rebellion. The #12 finished 3rd in the championship, while the #13 ended 5th. All in all it was an rather average season for the team.

15.09.2010 - Zakspeed entered two Porsche 911 GT1 in the 1998 FIA GT Championship. The team finished 4th in the championship, behind the factory teams of Mercedes and Porsche and the Persson Mercedes team, but still in front of the Panoz squad.

11.07.2010 - At the 2006 Le Mans 24h Creation showed some initial sketches of a coupé design. But plans for this car were dropped later in favor of an open LMP, because the rule situation was uncertain at this time. Even so I find it's a nice addition to the LMP-carsets.

07.07.2010 - After two years of developement the aerodynamics of the Bentley EXP were completely re-designed for 2003 and the EXP (Experimental) was eliminated from the name. Two of the new Speed 8s were entered in the Le Mans 24 hours and, while Audi had no works-entry this year, were able to score a comfortable one-two-finish.
06.04.2010 - Finally I can proudly present my "LM2009"-Carset for GP2! It'll be available soon for download at www.grandprix2.de. During the next time I'm planning to create some single cars, but no carset. And I bet there will be a new review soon!
25.01.2010 - A new circuit and a new video! TK has created a fantastic "Le Mans 2008" Circuit de la Sarthe! Although it is shorter than the original, due to the limitations of GP2, it has the same character and gives us the perfect "Le Mans"-feeling. You can see a video preview of the race-track together with my LM2008-carset on YouTube™.

29.12.2009The BMW V12 LM was developed by Williams F1 and used the same engine, that had already been used for the McLaren F1 GTR. In the 24h of Le Mans major technical problems with the appeared and that ended the race nearly for both cars.

01.11.2009 - This is the Mazda MXR-01 in the famous red/green-livery of the 1991 LM winning car. In 1992 it was entered in the JSPC and in the 24 hours of Le Mans 1992, where the trio Weidler/Herbert/Gachot finished a good 4th. In the early race, under wet conditions, Weidler was even able to take the lead from the Peugeots.
19.10.2009 - This carset includes a lot of high developed sportscars, which, seen from the technical perspective, marked the climax of the group-C. You can download it at www.grandprix2.de, where you can also find a superb preview-video made by AAS!

20.09.2009 - Here is the Pescarolo as it appeared during the qualifying and pre-events of the 24 hours of Le Mans. The car was a front-runner in the 2009 Le Mans Series which it finished 2nd behind the Lola Aston Martin, only because of gearbox problems during the last two rounds of the season. The fantastic livery is an absolute eye-catcher!
22.08.2009 - I already started to paint this car after Aston Martin announced it's move up to LMP1, but work somehow stopped. Then "tmc" asked me if I could paint this car and so here we are. I think it's a really special and beautiful one!
15.02.2009 - After the first pics of the brand-new Audi R15 TDI came out this week I immediately started working at a GP2-version of it. Only two days later it's finished.
20.12.2008 - Now that almost exactly a half year has passed since the 2008 Le Mans 24 hours were held, I'm happy to present you my "LM2008"-Carset for GP2. I hope you like it!
09.08.2008 - Thanks to "Greyhead", the cars have mirrors now. The upcoming Le Mans 2008 carset will include this update already. During the last weeks I painted the 2001 Cadillac Northstar, it will be ready for download soon. Here is a first preview.
22.05.2008 - The Van Merksteijn RS Spyder is finished and has been sent to grandprix2.de
21.05.2008 - The first single LMS car is finished and sent to www.grandprix2.de! The LMS testing carset is available there since May 16th now and I'm exited to see the first download statistics! Right now I'm working on a carset for the 2008 Le Mans 24 hours.

12.05.2008 - Hallo again! Well, I decided to give the LMS carset a try. The download will be available soon at www.grandprix2.de! Here you can see a preview!

16.03.2008 - Wow, over three month since I last wrote in here!! Sadly I didn't manage to finish anything yet, but the 1992 carset got a big step closer to completation. But it takes a lot of time because I want to include as much details as possible.

For the 2008 season I am right now checking out if I shall make a LMS carset.

That's it for now, I hope the next entry announces the completation of the 1992 set!

12.12.2007 - When I saw the first pics of the Nissan Skyline GT-R for the 2008 Super GT championship, I immediately knew that I had to create it for GP2. Only needed two days to get it ready!
See the result unter "Cars" > "Super GT".

24.10.2007I decided to give this website a small update. The main reason was that I wanted something easier to handle, so the design is a bit simpler now. Second reason was I wanted to make something new and third was probably to show that I'm still around.

I did no GP2 related work for some month now and I didn't miss it much. But I still have the goal to finish my 1992-sportscar-carset and then we'll see...

01.07.2007 - I wanted to try out if it's possible to create a pink car for GP2. So I decided to paint Joest's Porsche 962C from 1989 (#9).
Download the car under "Cars" > "SWC + IMSA".

09.02.2007 - The second version of the 1991 carset is complete and ready for download. It includes new cars, a new carshape and several updates.

23.01.2007 - Version 1.0 of the 1991' SWC carset has been released. Go to "Carsets" > "1991" to download it!
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