SVGA Cockpits
produced 1998
produced 1999

SVGA Cockpits
produced 2000-200x
Title Author Date Download type of file
Universal cockpit best 98 Collina Samuele 04.01.99 .cpd
Personal cockpit---- Krister Bertilsson 06.01.99 .cpd
Personal 99 cockpit Stefan Buzinec 25.01.99 .cpd
Personal cockpit Matthew Nevoso 26.01.99 .cpd
Universal Cockpit Tiago Viana 31.01.99 .cpd
Senna Racing Team Alexandre Pessutti 06.02.99 .cpd
Rubens Personal Cockpit Rubens Roggerio 06.02.99 .cpd
Generic cockpit (incl VGA)---- Ulrich Fritz 06.02.99 .cpd
Generic cockpit Juliano Flores 09.02.99 .cpd
Generic cockpit Ken Hodson 21.02.99 .gp2
Generic cockpit (and personal car) Ken Hodson 22.02.99 .gp2
Pedro´s personal cockpit---- Pedro Pedrosa 30.03.99 .cpd
Personal Rubens Cockpit Rubens A. R. 20.04.99 .cpd
1998 F1RS Style-------- Jörn Henning Amting 21.04.99 .cpd
Vertical two colours cockpit (BAR style) Marco Calleri 18.05.99 .cpd
Personal Cockpit 1999 Matthias Gräfe 05.06.99 .cpd
DC's generic cockpit---- Jari Penttinen 23.06.99 .cpd
1999 Lara Grand Prix cockpit Rudolf Brinkhaus 26.07.99 .cpd
Personal KrustyVéio® Cockpit Rubens A. R. 19.09.99 .cpd
Danket's 1999 cockpit---- Daniel Ketteringham 25.09.99 .cpd
Bar-Friendly (SVGA & VGA)  Des Flynn 01.10.99 .cpd's
Universal cockpit 99---- Krister Martinsson 04.10.99 .cpd
Season 98 Cockpits   (incl. VGA) Alberto Acuto 20.10.99 .cpd
2000 Cockpit Andrea Tozzi 31.10.99 .pcx
Generic cockpit 99/2000 Andre Jardim 31.10.99 .gp2
JP's generic cockpit Jari Penttinen 04.11.99 .cpd
Nevoso Racing Cockpit Matthew Nevoso 10.11.99 .cpd
Personal cockpit Gian-Paolo Salfo 13.11.99 .cpd
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or   GP2 Cockpit Designer  or  GP2edit  .
Install .pcx cockpits with GP2edit or replace 
the files in the Bitmaps folder.
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Personal cockpit - Krister Bertilsson

Generic cockpit (incl VGA) - Ulrich Fritz

Pedro´s personal cockpit - Pedro Pedrosa

1998 F1RS Style - Jörn Henning Amting

Bar-Friendly - Des Flynn

DC's generic cockpit - Jari Penttinen

Danket's 1999 cockpit - Daniel Ketteringham

Universal cockpit 99 - Krister Martinsson


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