SVGA Cockpits 
-produced 1999
produced 2000-2011

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Title Author Date Download type of file
One Fits All SVGA CPD Cockpit Ted Boruta 06.01.00 .cpd
Year 2K Generic Cockpit Paul Ludlow 22.01.00 pcx+patch
Generic 2000---- Andre Jardim 26.01.00 .cpd
Pompert F1 MP2000A Cockpit Michiel Pompert 08.02.00 .cpd
Generic cockpit 2000----- Steven Palmer 22.02.00 .cpd
General GP3 Cockpit----- Polytov Pauel 21.05.00 .cpd+ lcd.txt
(LCDTool incl.)
+ patch
Cockpit 2000 Remix----- Mark Landrum 07.06.00 .cpd
Personal cockpit Stefan Larsson 11.06.00 .gp2
2000 Universal Cockpit-- Eddie Wallis 22.07.00 .cpd
Target SimRacing Team Pablo T. Sanchez 23.07.00 .cpd
Universal 2000 Cockpit Edwin Radt 16.09.00 .cpd
2000 Personal Cockpit Eddie Wallis 18.12.00 .cpd
Generic cockpit 2.0 Juliano Flores 26.03.01 .cpd
Chip Ganassi cart cockpit------------ Cleverson dos S. Assis 16.12.01 .cpd
Personal cockpit Nicola Tore 25.03.02 .cpd
CART 2002 Cockpit----- Paul Josephson 05.07.02 .cpd
F1 Cockpit 2010   -preview    -
4 different versions
Markus "Fireball" Rotter 30.11.09 .cpd
2010-2011 hud + Helmet view Georgi Todorov 29.05.11 .cpd+.pcx
Install .cpd cockpits with  CPDirect 1.1
or   GP2 Cockpit Designer  or  GP2edit  .
Install .pcx cockpits with GP2edit or replace 
the files in the Bitmaps folder.
Install .gp2 cockpits with  GP2edit  .

=  patch works only with the 
UK English and US English version 
of GP2.EXE !!!

Generic 2000 - Andre Jardim

Generic cockpit 2000 - Steven Palmer

General GP3 Cockpit - Polytov Pauel


Cockpit 2000 Remix - Mark Landrum

2000 Universal Cockpit - Eddie Wallis

Chip Ganassi cart cockpit - Cleverson dos S. Assis


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