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Old GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
 GP2NOCD V1.0 13.10.97 12kb Anonymous This patch lets you to play gp2 without a CD. You need this patch to use other circuits than the original Screenshot
  GP2edit 17.05.02 367kb Steven Young GP2edit allows you to create single file car sets which can contain all cars, helmets, wheels, names numbers and performance data, custom cockpits, sound effects, track adverts and much more -----
  (link author's page)
14.08.01 174kb Frank Ahnert ,
René Smit
GP2Lap is a real-time GP2 extension . It has the potential of adding any number of features to GP2. The current version implements some of them: A logging system. Currently, hotlaps and saved games are being extended with relevant data. This data can also be stored in separate log files. At The Line, showing race times and lap times on-screen as cars are crossing the start/finish line. A track map .Car Info. This shows some telemetry data, intended for the external view. Track Manager. Tell GP2Lap which track files it should use. Dual-player mode on ipx networks. Features like custom track menu names and custom split time sections. GP2Lap also contains ipx network support for GP2's dual-player link mode.  -and much more  Screenshot
 MPH2KPH 11.11.99 22kb Matti Laitinen This program was written to fix the MPH/KPH bug in Grand Prix 2. 
It occurs only if  you've selected kilometric units from the advanced game options menu instead of miles.
 Reset time 06.08.96 11kb Sami Nurmela Reset Time sets track records in some or all tracks to 3.00.000. 
With using this util it's much easier to set your own records.
 GP2 Split-time Patch 27.09.97 3kb Martin Granberg This patch makes GP2 compare your split-times (and laptimes) against the driver currently fastest in the session. This means that when crossing a time trap the game checks who is on provisional pole (if in qualifying), then checks what his split-time were at the same point and finally calculates the difference in your times. It also displays a word "POLE" when you get pole.   Screenshot
 GP2 Replay 1.2 21.01.99 12kb Rafa Long Replays for GP2, now supporting all versions of GP2. 
Specify your own Replay time, up to 300 sec long.
Gp2Video 23.10.99 15kb Rafa Record/Play and Save/Load a whole race!  (within the game)
Supports only the UK and US versions 1.0b of Gp2.!!
 Track Editor 02.02.00 842kb Paul Hoad With this editor you can make your own tracks and modify existing tracks
(needs OpenGL.dll)
GP2 Slots and Tyre Editor 1.1 03.01.09 180KB rremedio This little editor is able to edit the Magic Data in GP2. This data control various slot relative settings that make racing different from slot to slot, even if you use the same track.
You'll need the Microsoft  .NET Framework (xp) and  Visual C++  (xp,vista) 
- NEW FEATURE: Overall cc grip level editing
and Info
Fragata Track Manager 16.06.00 4.2 Mb Fernando Oliveira Change tracks (name, country, laps, menu bitmaps) of your Gp2 game.  Screenshot
GP2TrackBrowser v1.1 28.07.05 133 KB Oliver Kirsch With this tool you can browse folder for GP2-Trackfiles and view some of the GP2Info and a track preview image. You can select tracks for a set and export it into a gp2lap.cfg file to use these tracks in GP2(Lap).  -----
 Jameditor 052b 12.08.00 134kb Mal Ross A JAM file as used in GP2 is an archive of images that can be used within the F1GP2 simulator. These images are typically used for car liveries, adverts, scenery textures,
 road markings, buildings, and so on.
The Jam Editor is a useful program if you want to change the Jams in GP2.
It can Import/Export separate jams and it can change the size of jams.
It can also export/import jams and jips in GP3. 
It convert the Jam files to bmp files so that you can use it in a drawing program.
 Objecteditor 12.11.98 358kb Paul Hoad With the Object Editor you can change the Internal objects that you exported with the
Track Editor. You can change the whole object and textures, after that you can  insert
the objects in the track again with the Track Editor.
 Carshape Editor v.0.98 12.11.98 555kb Paul Hoad With this editor you can change the carshape of GP2
Before you can use the editor you MUST tell it where to locate your gp2.exe  !!!!!
To do this select Edit->Edit gp2 location
 OpenGL DLL's - 706Kb Microsoft Maybe you need these dll's if you want that the Track Editor and Carshape Editor use all
the right features. (win95 , 98 , 98se) 
 Set Carshape Distance 04.01.99 11kb Armin Krausse This program is a little patch to adjust the distance when GP2 switches between the carshape made with Paul's editor and the rcr.jams.      ( Or adjust the distance with gp2lap)  Screenshot
 GP2 Cockpit Designer 1.4 30.09.99 305kb Robert Kimber 
and Marc Aarts
GP2 Cockpit Designer is a must have for the serious cockpit designer.
With this program you can place your cockpit gauges anywhere on
your cockpit so you don't have to bound to the the strict cockpit layout.
Plug-ins   : LCD Editor     / Small Tools    (noCD/MphFix/GP2split)
Cockpit Workshop Professional 07.10.99 262 KB  Marc Aarts This Cockpit Workshop can editall the known and previously unknown items in the GP2 cockpit display. This includes all the things covered by the CPD Designer, LCDTool. Everything is possible using the navigator, or an easy-to-use drag and drop system.   CWS only supports the UK English version of GP2.EXE Screenshot
 CPDirect 1.1 13.03.00 161kb Marc Aarts A quick viewer and installer for Cockpit Designer (.CPD) files  Screenshot
 CSFuel 2.01
 (link author's page)
09.04.04 23 KB Rene Smit With this command line utility you can change the pitstop strategy in a GPx Car Setup file. Interesting side effect is that it enables you to run with more than the default extra 2 fuel laps with a zero-pitstop strategy.  (for GP2 GP3 GP3-2000 GP4 )  csfuel.txt
 Ale's Setup Editor 03.01.00 394kb Alessandro Carrera A multi-file displayer/editor for GP2 setup files  Screenshot
 Ale's Pit&Lap Editor 03.01.00 269kb Alessandro Carrera An utility to edit race laps number and CC pitstop strategy.  Screenshot
 Ale's CC cars setup Editor 03.01.00 272kb Alessandro Carrera An utility to edit CC cars setup  Screenshot
 Ale's Championship Editor 02.08.00 394kb Alessandro Carrera Editor for drivers and constructors standings in Gp2seasons files (*.ch*).  Screenshot
Ale's Record Editor 03.01.00 348 KB Alessandro Carrera An utility to edit laptime recordsin Gp2. I need it when I change my tracks order. Screenshot
F1PerfView 1.25
(link author's page)
28.08.06 196 KB Rene Smit F1PerfView is a telemetry viewer for Windows, supporting GP2/GP3/GP3-2000/GP4 performance analysis, F1RS/MGPRS2 telemetry files, LFS replay analyser files, and generic text files. It includes most of the features that the internal GPx and F1RS viewers have, plus a text view, a statistics view, a time difference graph, and a track view. It also allows a combination of upto 256 perf files to be compared. Screenshot
(link author's page)
07.08.02 29,9 KB René Smit F1LapView is a graphical race viewer to compare races logged with GP2Lap. It combines data from each saved game to create a virtual race as if all cars raced at the same time. This is visualized by drawing a trace for each car from start to finish with a height that is relative to the time difference to the leader. There are also virtual traces of the leader for previous laps, so you can see where other cars have been lapped. Screenshot
 WinHipicPro 20.12.98 600kb Fabio Bresciani WinHipic Pro is an easy and powerful Win95 interface for Gp2hipic (included in the Zip file under permission of Frank Ahnert). WinHipic Pro makes easy to manage Gp2 background pictures.
For Windows Vista use one of the four batch files below!
install under XP
Tpic--- 30.11.10 763 KB Andreas Schulz 16 batch files, one for every track slot,  that make it easy to import/export trackmaps for GP2.  Screenshot
Extins 21.07.98 67,7 KB Robin Day Batchfile wich extracts and inserts track pics from and to f1pcsvga.bin    ( Screenshot
and howto
Gethipic.bat  v2.0
Gethipic.bat  v2.1
5,55 KB
5,72 KB
MK Batchfile for  GP2HIPIC V.0.9a   by Frank Ahnert -  import/export menupictures for GP2  (
Batchfile for   by Frank Ahnert -  import/export menupictures for GP2 (
and howto
Gp2 Import/Export menu pictures 04.10.99 67,2 KB Guido van de Water 2 batch files that make it easy to import/export menupictures for GP2.  howto
GP2WET 1.00.10b[12b] beta
GP2WET32     1[2].00.23a 
Matteo Nunziati A full customisable and track compatible weather editor for GP2, Info
GP2QualifyingLaps 26.07.05 9,25KB Oliver Kirsch A small utility to change the max. number of laps that may be made in qualifying sessions.
You'll need the Microsoft  .NET Framework (win98, xp).
 GP2 COM/USB 03.08.00 140 Kb Yuri Kuznetsov This program will allow new joysticks and racing wheels connected to 
COM or USB port of the computer to work with GrandPrix 2.
 PCXDUMP 01.07.95 145 KB Jesper Frandsen The first choise for screenshots in GP2 is gp2lap !
Use PCXDUMP to make screenshots from menuscreens
 GP2Career 14.03.08 1,09 MB Markus Rotter With this small Excel-tool, you are able to simulate a GP2 career spanning over 15 years. If you are 
familiar with Excel you are also able to customize some algorythms. This programm is still a Beta!
F1 Career 08.08.98 3,93 Mb Arturo Baz Basically it tries to create a career mode when you play a championship. You begin you career in one
of the lower teams and then depending on your performance you are offered contracts during the
second half of the season from other teams.
HOF2Lap 12.01.00 164 KB David P Gymer, 
Rene Smit
The GP2 Hot Lap checker.  The purpose of HOF2Lap is to take a saved hot lap replay produced by 
Grand Prix 2 and extract the most important information from it.
Winhof 15.05.00 293 KB L. Plautz Chocron Windows Shell for Hof2lap and Hof2cs Screenshot
HOF2CS ? 18,9 KB HOF2LAP to Car Setup v.0.01 -----
WinGP2Lap 12.01.00 83,4 KB  Ingo Serf Windows Front-End for GP2Lap 1.13 and 1.14. Screenshot
20.10.05 6,33 KB ? GP2 on XP speed game adjuster Screenshot
Loop editor 05.01.12 76,2 KB Tejas MS-DOS Loop editor for GP2 sounds (spanish) Screenshot
More GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
Old GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
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