Other 3D Carshapes
A1GP & Formula BMW Carshape David Stunnenberg 16.09.05
DJS Truckshape     A (DAF XF) Truckshape David Stunnenberg 13.02.06
DJS WTCC Carshape DJS 28.02.07
Herbie    Herbie Video pixeldreams / Dan Richards
David Stunnenberg
A front engine Dragster shape Francois Terrien 24.09.00
Spitfire Martijn Haans 20.05.00

Spitfire - Martijn Haans

Dragster shape - Francois Terrien
Use Paul Hoad's CarEditor to load and
export the shapes and helmet to Gp2.
Use Steven Young's Gp2Edit to set the 
high or low nose position for the car you 
want to use. Adjust the view distance 
for the new shape with Armin Krausse's 
Set Carshape Distance. or with GP2lap

A1GP - David Stunnenberg

Formula BMW - David Stunnenberg

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