The carshape distance problem

In GP2 there is a problem, you see the other cars with F1 shapes when your in the cockpit
and also when you use one of the many camera views. But there is a solution for it.
carshape distance value 3200 (standard GP2)  solution: carshape distance value 40000

You need to have GP2lap installed for this !

With Gp2lap you can change : SvgaRcr1,SvgaRcr2,SvgaRcr3 !

  • Make sure gp2lap.cfg isn't marked "read only"
  • Open gp2lap.cfg (NotePad/WordPad)
  • Go to [Rcr] in gp2lap.cfg
  • delete all the ; in the lines SvgaRcr1,SvgaRcr2,SvgaRcr3
  • Now you can replace the settings for :

  • -SvgaRcr1 : view from cockpit
    -SvgaRcr2 : onboard cameras
    -SvgaRcr3 : track camera's and front/back of car cameras

    Higher distance increases the PO (processor occupation)
    You must try out which settings are good for your PC (10000, 20000, .......)

    If you don't have GP2lap installed yet, you can get it from, just click here to go to the download page!