Old GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
The most important GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
More GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
Season Generator 02.05.00 41,6 kb Troy Perry Enables you to play consecutive seasons by randomizing team line-ups, car power, car reliabilty, 
and driver abilities for input via an editor.
GP2 CC Car Pitstop Sanity 10.04.00 19,8 KB Brett Knuchel Make CC Car Pitstop Strategies realistic where the number of laps has been changed. Screenshot
TextAppeal 30.03.00 20,3 KB Norman Tender A utility to obtain the correct length and proportion for custom track names in the "Select Circuit" menu in GP2. 
(The one where your new track names scroll past the end of the screen, because you had to guess the length)
GP2 Savedgame  Editor 2 13.03.00 219 kb Marc Aarts Reading and saving of all GP2 saved games. Editing of the Driver, Team and Engine names
Displaying championship table for championship savedgames
Displaying of Best/Last laptime, Failure info, Fuel load, Lap number and some other things.
GP2 Performance Creator 11.03.00 162 KB  Alex Eneas A Grand Prix 2 performance creator, with this you can make performances values with ease Screenshot
Image Track Editor 12.03.99 174 KB Fabian Zanoni Image and menu Track Editor for GP2 Screenshot
GP2 Track Info Editor 04.03.99 16,0 KB Viktor Gars You can edit the info text in the Track File with this program Screenshot
Season Calendar Displayer 07.10.98 4,51 kb Robin Day displays all the F1 calenders in order from 1950-1998 Screenshot
Lap Time Recorder for GP2 21.09.98 306 KB David Winder You can now record all your personal lap times for every circuit and every session.
Includes split time recording and custom circuit entry. Direct import from GP2 hotlaps (VB5 runtime)
GP2 Car Shape Selector 12.07.98 6,62 KB David Richards A small utility to let you choose a car shape before launching GP2 Screenshot
GP2 Checksummer for DOS 29.05.98 7,09 KB Brett Knuchel A checksum utility for GP2 data files -----
PERFCHG 22.05.98 16,5 KB Brett Knuchel A DOS util which allows you to quickly change the peformance of Computer Cars accross the 
field to make them more or less competitive. It also allows for a change in player settings.
CamEdit v2.00 for Grand Prix 2 07.04.98 170 KB Jeroen van Soest CamEdit2 is a Windows 95 program that can edit any camera on any circuit. Screenshot
GP2 Track Man 1.5.1 16.03.98 43 kb Armin Krausse A track manager program for Gp2 tracks. Screenshot
TRKCHG (Trackman Addon) 22.03.98 7,93 KB Brett Knuchel An addon for Trackman by Armin Krausse that saves the Track Records and Setups for each track into a 
data file and exports them back into F1GSTATE.SAV when Trackman patches a new configuration.
CREC for DOS 02.03.98 11,3 KB Brett Knuchel A utility that allows you to change the track records saved in F1GSTATE.SAV -----
Streckman 1.1 06.01.98 180 KB Meinhard Schumacher Program for Win95 for manipulating the track names and the order of tracks for GP2. It's in German 
only but does support both the German version and the English version of GP2.
TrackJam 21.12.97 444 KB Adriano Scaricabarozzi GP2 Editor for individual jam filenames in track file
Note: You'll need Robert Kimber's GP2 Checksummer to use the changed files in the game.
Various Editor for GP2 18.12.97 62,5 kb Martijn Keij Change the computers front wing, rear wing, gearbox, tyre type (player only), track grip, air resistance 
(player only), fuel consumption, computer acceleration (cc'sonly), and the random amount of fuel (cc's only).
GPWINJAM 04.10.97 267 KB Bart Gunneman Graphical Interface for Win95 wich converts BMP to Jam and Jam to BMP Screenshot
GP2 Points Editor (GP2Point) 12.07.97 6,42 KB Martin Granberg editor which allows you to change how many points are awarded for finishing in position 1 to 26. Screenshot
G P 2 E D I T 06.02.97 113 KB Miles Walsh EDIT: Team BHPs for Race and Qualifying, Team Car Reliability, High or Low Nose design cars,
Driver Grip in Race and Qualifying, Driver and Team Names, Driver Car Numbers, Available Driver Aids,
Quick Race Length, Cockpit Colours, Opposition Level, Random Player Car Power On/Off and more.
GP2 EdWin 1.1 07.11.96 265 KB Andrzej Barganski change the cc's engine power and drivers grip, probability of car failure, player's car engine power, 
the nose of a car, pit box order, aids in all game levels, weight of a car, driver numbers and names, 
team and engine names, cockpit color, speed limit in pit lane, and a few other things.
GP2 Easy JAM 07.11.96 16,1 KB Robert Kimber GP2 Easy JAM is a Windows Shell for GP2JAM.EXE.
Note: You will need a copy of GP2JAM to run GP2 Easy Jam.
GP2 Damage Editor (GP2Damed) 28.10.96 11,3 KB Martin Granberg edit how easily cars get damaged in the game. The things you can edit are how easily: 
*the cars have to retire from the race when hitting a wall  *the cars have to retire from the race when 
hitting another car *the different parts of the cars get damaged upon impact
JAMMIN 19.10.96 53,2 KB Andrew Weakley JAMMIN is a Windows front end for 'GP2JAM.EXE', a graphics converter for JAM files. It allows you to 
easily convert JAM files to BMP and back again and also provides quick viewing of the files
Performance Manager for GP2 16.10.96 135 KB Juergen Hiller  Enables You To Change Computer- Car, Driver Performance and Car Numbers Of Your GP2. Screenshot
Always Save Track Records 12.10.96 3,36 KB Martin Granberg This patch lets GP2 save the race track records even if you don't drive a 100% race. Screenshot
GP2JAM 28.09.96 129 KB Trevor Kellaway GP2JAM is a DOS program which converts GP2 JAM files to .BMP files and back again. Screenshot
GP2 Misc Editor 22.09.96 7 kb Martin Granberg This release of the editor allows you to change:
- Pitlane speedlimit     - Number of laps in a 100% race     - Spectacular crashes
GP2Pit 11.09.96 7,98 KB Andrzej Barganski This small utility allow you to change the order of team's pit boxes. Tested with 'US English ver.10b Screenshot
GP2 CC's performance editor 11.09.96 12,2 KB Andrzej Barganski change some GP2 settings like: maximum engine power in sessions, drivers' grip and car failures. Screenshot
Gp2 Change Number 04.09.96 5,62 KB Djordje Janjusevic This small utility for GP2 will change drivers number. Screenshot
Hotlap Information Sheet Creator 24.08.98 27,2 KB David Greene This util is used to create hotlap template files. It contains information about the driver, the steering 
device that's being used and/or the setup of the car.
GP2Aid 23.08.96 5,75 KB Andrzej Barganski set what aids like 'auto-braking', 'automatic gearbox' or 'throttle help' you want to be available in any game
difficulty level. Tested with 'US English ver.10b
HLS2CS 12.08.96 19,8 KB David Greene Hotlap Information Sheet to Car Setup Creator. Create car setup files *.cs? from
HotLap Information sheets.
Quick Race Length Utility 24.07.96 8,49 KB Craig Heath Utility with which you can change the length of a quickrace. Craig Heath's (Strobe's) GP2 Utilities Screenshot
Trakonhd patch 12.11.97 3,19 KB Armin Krausse Outdated.  This program patches your gp2.exe that it uses the track files from the harddisk. -----
nocdrom 10.08.96 1,13MB Unknown Outdated nocd patch. Play GP 2 without CD-Rom . Turns the game automatically to english version. -----
GP2 Setup Displayer v1.0 02.08.96 91,3 KB Grant Reeve Setup Displayer shows all relevant information about a setup file. Screenshot
The most important GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
More GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
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