More GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
The most important GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
Old GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
GP2 Editor v2.12b 01.12.96 238 kb Slobodan Blanusa With this util you can almost change everything:
Importing/exporting values from f1gstate.sav and gp2.exe, editing all options that can be find in GP2 dialog, 
except for graphic details, editing aditional options that can't be modified in orignal GP2 like, driver number 
in text screens, quick race length, cockpit colors, speed limit for player, damage rate for cars, saving records
in less than 100% races, number of laps for 100% races, pitline team order, driving aids for different difficulty
levels, driver and team performance, assigning car bitmaps to teams and running gp2jam to convert bitmaps 
to car jams.      At the time, it was the best around in my opinion. 
Gepsitor2 - The Grand Prix 2 Editor 17.01.99 413 kb Matti Laitinen With this editor you can edit track names, track slot properties, engine power, car weight, pitlane speed limit, 
grip level, polar moment of inertia, downforce efficiency, year number in drive options menu and some other 
minor things. Track manager to change easily track names and other slot properties. 
GP2 Track Manager V2.0 09.01.00 508 KB Damien Legros A Tracks Manager for F1GP2 Info/Screenshot
GP2 Track Handler v1.6 27.07.00 679 kb Viktor Gars Gp2 Track Handler is a track manager program for Gp2 tracks.     (VB6 Runtime files
WinXP: copie COMCTL32.OCX to "GP2 Track Handler" folder
WinTrackMan 1.50 03.05.99 366 kb Marc Aarts A Windows Track Manager for Microprose GP2 Info/Screenshot
WinTrack 1.01 16.03.98 23 kb Pascal Martin Track Manager for Windows  Screenshot
GP2 Hipic for Win95 v1.12 01.06.98 348 KB Joao Neto This program insert new background pictures and save your old's pictures.    (VBRUN300.dll Screenshot
LCDTool 1.05 20.08.00 48,4 KB Ingo Serf
Marc Aarts
Text based Cockpit Editor for Grand Prix 2. With this tool you can import/export all the cockpit related 
values stored in GP2.EXE.    (LCDTool cockpits)
GP2 Cockpits editor 15.03.99 948 KB Damien Legros Cockpits editor for GP2 Screenshot
GP2LCD display editor 26.12.98 491 KB Damien Legros GP2 Cockpit LCD screen editor ( change "SPEED" data position, "FUEL" data ....) Cockpit light editor Screenshot
GP2Cockpits modeler 08.11.98 210 KB Damien Legros GP2 CockpitLAYOUT size and position editor ( change "REPLAY" logo size and position on the cockpit 
without crash ....) Cockpit light editor 
GP2TrackColorPreview 10.08.05 33,0 KB Oliver Kirsch A tool that uses screenshots to preview the effect of the 0xC9-Command ("change colors in GP2 palette"). Screenshot
WAV Extractor / Inserter 15.09.96 16,3 KB Maracich Giorgio Batchfile, extract the sounds of GP2 from the file to WAV files. Edit the sounds of the game.
GP2PAINT 25.03.97 185 KB Michael Andrasi Grand Prix 2 BMP Paint Program. GP2Paint allows you to edit the GP2 cars. Screenshot
GP2CV 25.03.97 205 KB Lars Birkemose With the GP2 Car viewer you can view gp2 cars in 3D outside the game! Screenshot
Two utilities for Microprose GP2 06.08.96 14 kb Sami Nurmela Two utilities that modify GP2's gamestate save file (F1GSTATE.SAV, or a copy of it). 
KBDSTEER.EXE allows disabling Steering help and Opposite lock when playing using the default 
keyboard settings. Steering lock is also adjustable. The other GPGRAPH.EXE shows the graphics 
detail settings and additionally, allows editing them.
Quick'n'dirty Physics Editor 04.04.98 39,4 KB Aubrey Windle Quick'n'dirty Physics Editor allows you to change the downforce efficiency and polar moment of inertia
(How badly the car wants to keep turning or going straight) of your GP2 car. NOTE: US version only.
GP2 Power V2.46    - Shareware 16.05.02 687 kb Shawn Purdy Gp2 Power is an easier way to create performance files for GP2edit .
You enter the start and finish pos and it creates the numbers, you will
also be able to edit calculated number to your liking
GP2 BHP Adapter 09.03.02 30 kb Matteo Nunziati a tool to define right BHP powers and "force" the car power level factor in GP2 Screenshot
GP2Tuner 03.10.96 15,3 KB Richard Querin Simple DOS program which asks you a few questions about your car's behaviour and determines which
setup adjustments might help to solve your problems. It will create a standard text file with the analysis
F1GP2 playtime logger 22.12.96 11,6 KB Petri Tuominen GP2 tells you the time you spent with it after you exit. This program grabs that information and adds it 
to its own log and then prints the amount of TOTAL time spent with GP2. works with the english and 
german version of GP2
Gp2start 05.09.99 90,4 KB Tony Persson A utility  to change between two set of car and tracks setups (indycart or formula 1) Screenshot
GPx2GP2 10.10.02 15,8 KB Matteo Nunziati a tool to convert gp3, gp3-2000 and gp4 performance files into gp2Edit performances Screenshot
GP2 RZcode for DOS 1.03 04.09.99 9,78 KB Ricardo Zamith An utilitie to help GP2 leagues to control the repeating of races.
It patches race files, and with an internet page becames a very usefull tool
GP2Button 13.05.97 21,4 KB Michael Baumgartner With GP2 Button you can use your Joystickbuttons to emulate keystrokes in GP2 (and other games). 
It allows you to define buttons and keys and to store the configuration in a config file.
The most important GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
Old GP2 Editors,Patches,Utilities
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