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Cars / Carsets / Team Files from closed GP2 RACING LEAGUES
"This is a totally free competition using the game "Grand Prix 2" by Microprose.
MSN GP2 is an equal opportunities competition, as long as you stick to the rules anyone can enter and compeate.
How good you are at the game doesn`t matter there`s room for all in MSN GP2, the more competitors the better."

A "Ready to Race" carset based on a MSN GP2 1999 carset.
including rules/schedule 
arranged by AAS - 27.02.10

KGV - Ferrari

Shadow - Mercedes

U.R.O - Mecachrome

Players INT - Mercedes

Mobil Holden

GreenLeafs - Aston Martin

FLR CareyCar - Honda

Thunder - Ford


Team Netrex - Masarati
participator MSNGP2 1998

MITO Racing - Ferrari
participator MSNGP2 199?


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