Just got Grand Prix 2? Confused with downloads? Then follow these instructions!

# Install Grand Prix 2 with optimal installation choice (requires ~59Mb free disk space to install). Do not install with any other choice! 
# Start Grand Prix 2 to see if it works. When you exit the game, choose "yes" when asked if to save changes. Check if F1GSTATE.SAV has been created to your GP2-directory. If not, you didn't answer "yes" to the question.
# Install GP2NOCD utility. After this, you won't need the CD anymore. It's important to install this to make the new tracks to work.
# Patch GP2 with GP2 Split-time Patch util. This program changes cockpit to display split times against the leader.
# If you prefer kilometric units instead of miles, patch GP2 with MPH2KPH util. This program fixes cockpit display MPH-KPH bug. If you prefer imperial units, do NOT install this one.
# Install latest version of GP2Lap util. Next time start the game with GP2Lap.exe instead of GP2.exe. Press "9" during the game to show positions and "8" to show track map.
# Install GP2edit editor.
# Download latest version of the Season 2006 Add-on. Open .GP2-file to GP2edit. Choose "export to game" to install it to the game. Now you have 2000 teams and drivers.
# Install Car Shape Editor v0.98. Open a new carshape to the editor and choose "patch GP2". Now you have a new style car shape installed.
# Install CPDirect 1.1. Download a new SVGA cockpit.  Export the cockpit with CPDirect to the game.