Grand Prix 4

It's just an area for F1GP, GP3, GP3k and GP4 - Please Post in topic's title which game it is for... E.g. '[GP3] 2011th cars'
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Grand Prix 4

Post by DEHUMANIZER95 » 28.03.2014, 13:57

GP4 A1 Ring.jpg
At the A1 Ring, everything went well.... everything? Well... only until the 5th lap.
Hello - yep, I'm still alive and well! :P

Just ordered GP4 and it arrived yesterday in a big box (you know.. the way how 90s games were sold..) - I installed the GPx-Patch and the decrypted .exe and got my first problems with GP4Master... it doesn't allow me to start the program, because he can't detect the decrypted .exe of GP4 because the filesize is invalid..... any solutions?

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