Cockpits (svga)
Generic Cockpits 1950's - 1990's

Title Author Date Download type of file
Install .cpd cockpits with  CPDirect 1.1
or   GP2 Cockpit Designer  or  GP2edit  .
Install .pcx cockpits with GP2edit or replace 
the files in the Bitmaps folder.
Install .gp2 cockpits with  GP2edit  .
3 Cockpits
    in the style of the 50ies, 60ies and 70ies
Thomas Kost 21.02.05 Cockpit50,60, .cpd
Three Personal 
SVGA cockpits
in the style of the 70ies, 80ies and 90ies to now
Thomas Kost 05.08.03 3cpit_tk.ZIP .cpd
Unreal 50's Classic Cockpit Andreas Schulz 13.05.03 .cpd
SVGA cockpit in the 
style of the Sixties
Thomas Kost 10.05.04 60ies Cockpit.ZIP .cpd
1960 style cockpit John Moncrieff 15.12.98 .cpd
70's cockpit Ansirial 12.05.98 .cpd
Fictional 1970 style John Moncrieff 12.11.98 .gp2
The 80's cockpit Ansirial 20.06.98 .cpd
1980's cockpit M R Hurn 30.03.00 .cpd

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