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Cars / Carsets / Team Files from closed GP2 RACING LEAGUES
"RIA - Randall Internationale Automobile"
This series commenced in August of 1996 and was created by Randall Harris. (U.S.A)
At last count (January 1997) there were 500+ entrants in this, the fastest-growing and most popular GP2 league.
"We each race our own separate races against the computer AI cars. 
Our stats, qualifying time, race time etc. are then collectively assembled and used as the race results."

A "Ready to Race" carset based on the RIA GP2 Racing League Championship.
including a (incomplete) version of the League homepage
Rules, Schedule, Downlöads and more.
arranged by AAS - 15.11.10



Altego Racing

Bacardi - Ferrari (97)


BMW Motorsport

Camosun Racing Team

Citroen 2C V6 CTi

Cobbler Racing


De Koninck-Eagle Racing

De Koninck-Eagle Racing

DiG Racing

Dan Prescott International

Darkshadow Racing Team

Gateway Porsche VRT

Germany United Racing Intl.

Germany United Racing Intl. (97)

Guinness GP - Jaguar (97)

HaGen Team-Honda (97)

Team Hurricane

J&M Racing

Jack Daniels-KFR-Austin Martin

Kenwood - Yamaha


Miskatonic Motorsports

Napalm Racing


Pall Mall - Heineken Racing Team

Philips GO J.J. - Peugeot (97)

Read-Racing (97)

RS Ford

Senna - MR2 (97)

Salmon-Harry Racing

SIMF1 - Renault (97)

Sound Chaser

True North Racing

VdGalien Racing

Viking - Ford X-1B


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