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Cars / Carsets / Team Files from closed GP2 RACING LEAGUES
"LFRS (Little Formula Racing Series) began way back in 1993 and as such is one of the oldest racing series on the internet!"
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A "Ready to Race" carset based the the 1999/2000 LFRS carsets.
including original carsets (b-f), rules, results.

Nemesis Grand prix

Delta Racing - Renault

Lusa Racing - Honda

NetRex - Maserati

Team Italia - Ferrari

Karjala - Honda

Hillcrest - BMW

ApeGrandPrix - TVR

Graminger - Ford

USR - Ilmor

Hillcrest-Cougar - Repco

Aussie Racing

Jungle Fever - BMW

Chaparral-BRZ Seat 

Swash Racing - Audi

Grunwald - 1410

Zero Fever

Zero Fever - VW
LP - Racing

LP - Racing - Audi

Savo - Racing
DOHC - crawlers

QuickSilver - Cosworth

Afternet - Fiat


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