GP2-Fans-Carset 2010
Dedicated to the memory of Leonardo "Leo" Barbosa

Leonardo "Leo" Barbosa was a Brazilian born in Passo Fundo. He started in GP2 as pilot for hotlap leagues, with great success. 
Later he created his own championship and soon became also the organizer of FGP2, where he gave his most important contribution. 
Under his command, FGP2 became the most successful national GP2 championship ever heard and the only one still active after so 
many years all over the world. Leonardo was a lawyer and passionate about racing, especially rally and tourism. 
He also loved classic rock in its various forms, especially progressive rock.
Leo made a solid contribution to the world of GP2 and a legion of friends. We'll miss him.

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You need Steven Young's  GP2edit   to install the carset


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