For Grand Prix 2 by MicroProse

Mini-FAQ: Installing new tracks in GP2
Author : Marc Aarts
Installing the tracks
This is what you should do: 
Download "gp2nocdrom" :
Make a "full" installation of the game (GP2), from the CD, onto your harddrive
(the install program will put the game into a GP2 folder in whatever drive you want) 
Place NOCDROM patch in the GP2 folder on your harddrive 
Run the NOCDROM patch (this patches GP2 in a way that it will look for the tracks on your harddisk from now on, instead of the CD). 
Create a new folder in the GP2 folder on your harddrive called "CIRCUITS" 
Browse the CD and find the circuits folder 
Copy only the circuits (F1ct01.dat - F1ct16.dat) from the CD to your \GP2\CIRCUITS\ directory 
Now you should be able to run the game from your harddrive, without the CD. 
For instructions how to install specific downloaded tracks, read the information included in the zipfile. Most of the time this
comes down to making a subdirectory in your gp2\gamejams\ directory to store the graphics that come with the track, and
the copying of the track datfile to your \gp2\circuits\ directory and renaming it to anything like "f1ctXX.dat" where XX is a
number from 01 to 16. 
Jad/Jam conversion
Nowadays, track distributions (zips) come with jaDs included, instead of the jaMs we all got used to. 
The reason for this is, that jaDs are a lot more compressable than jaMs. Track zips are therefor a lot smaller and that's
something we all want. Unfortunately, GP2 does not recognize these jaDs so they will have to be converted. 
Most zips contain a converter program and instructions on how to you it, but if it's not there, you can get it here: Convert [6 kb]. 
To use it, simply unzip the convert.exe file to the directory you and run it once. All jaDs in that directory will be converted
to jaMs and if you followed the other installation instructions, you are now ready to race your new track. 
Things you should know
There are some other, common questions I get a lot. Here are some answers: 
Using the GP2NOCD patch will make GP2 no longer play the ingame music.
You do NOT need to copy the Trackdat.bin from the CD to your harddisk. It's 205 Mb of rubbish! 
It might me smart to remove the read-only flag from the circuits you copied to your harddisk.
Copyright : Marc Aarts

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