How to make a screenshot with PCXDUMP (win98)
Extract the pcxdump.exe to your Gp2 directory
-open the dos window 
-set the path to your GP2 directory
-start pcxdump.exe

on my keyboard shift and ö for  :

Now you see this message :(
Set your pc-clock to 1995
-start pcxdump.exe again
push t on your keyboard to "install" pcxdump.

"Install PCXDump". This does NOT mean installing it really (it is already installed), but it means starting it and having it run in the background.

This screen with registration stuff should appear. 
At the bottom you can read  Fx to install
Fx is one of the keys at the top of your keyboard (F1-F12).
This value differs from time to time.
Just push the one that is asked for.
Ignore this win98 error message. Answer No !
In the following window you can start GP2.
-In GP2 push ALT+SHIFT+C 
-A quick sound should be given from the pc speaker .
-Push Enter
-Another sound should be given from the pc speaker .
and the shot is taken. 
You can find the screenshots in the GP2 directory. Dump0000.pcx,Dump0001.pcx etc.
Thanks to Ando  (