Modding GP2 to the 1992 season and beyond

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Modding GP2 to the 1992 season and beyond

Post by peke12 »


Does anybody have some good advice on how to mod GP2 to the 1992 season in the best way?
First, which carset do you think is the most appropriate?
I always use the carshape editor to change the look of the cars.

Next the tracks. The hardest part in my opinion. I know that each track slot has different values which have a lot of impact on the circuit. Tyre wear, time calculation, Pit entry,...

For the 1992 season, I need to squeeze in Mexico and South Africa.
For Mexico, I will use the pessoa - Kost version and put it in Slot 14 (replacing Jerez).

For South Africa, I will use the Kessler - Patel version with the updated CCline by RRemedio.
I will put it in slot 2. ( replacing Aida)
Anybody think this is ok or any other tips?
I know you can start tinkering with magic data, but when checking this out, it seems so cumbersome and time consuming and it seems to me it is all trial and error.

I also thought to have read that it is almost impossible to put a custom track in slot 16 due to some strange reasons. is this correct?
Another thing I'd like to know, can you change standard tracks to a different slot? For example move Monaco to slot 6?
I would also like to create a 1998 or 2000 season, but all the stuff going on with custom tracks keeps me from doing it.

So, if anybody has some good advice, wants to share experience on how to mod seasons, I'd be happy to read about it.
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Re: Modding GP2 to the 1992 season and beyond

Post by DaSilva82 »

Hello Peke,

I had to find everything too when I restarted GP2 in 2016. And yes, it's very time consuming because you have to download, unpack, put the files in the game, try it out and adjust data. And you will encounter some problems but I'm able to mod or change everything I want without any problems so you can do it too. For instance, I put COTA in slot 16 and it works fine!

So, to change the tracks you need Track Editor and Slot & Tire Editor 4.21.
I don't know if you already have them, you can download S&T here:
Track Editor is in the Editor's, patches and utilities section.
I would suggest that you just try to use these programs. If you encounter problems, just ask.
Good luck and don't give up!
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