help changing volume of "skidding" sound

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help changing volume of "skidding" sound

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I downloaded the SAMPLE.CAT from the 1991 grand prix 2 remake that was done, the sounds are amazing in this, so I simply copied the SAMPLE.CAT that was inside of the sound folder and it put all the sound files in my game.

Now, the engines on this are just a little louder, so it's hard sometimes to hear when the car starts skidding in a corner. For me, it makes it much easier to catch the car in a slide when I barely get to hear it skidding just before I lose control.

I loaded the files in gp2edit, and imported the sound files. I hear the skidding noise is sound number 7. I saved it as a WAV, and went into a program called goldwave to increase the volume some. When I re-imported it into the game with gp2edit I can hear it is louder, but now the sound of the skid does not loop well. It's almost like it has a minor gap at the very end of the sample and it repeats over and over as I'm sliding. Is there some trick to making WAV files that I don't know about? it should be rather simple to just amplify the noise. I kept the same file settings, mono with 22k sample rate.

I also repeated this problem by trying to make the engine noises just a little quieter, but it does the same thing. You can hear the engine skip every time the samples loop. It's like a brief stop in the sound.
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