Using Microsoft Sidewinder FFB Wheel on Win7

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Using Microsoft Sidewinder FFB Wheel on Win7

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A few weeks ago I found my original GP2 and decided to play it again. So took out mein SW FFB Wheel and pluged it to my laptop. Win7 works fine and detected the Wheel, but with a creepy Z-Rotation axis. At last GP2 running with DOSBox SVNDaum can´t detect my second pedal for the brake, because Win7 driver doesn´t combine my pedals on one Y-axis. After a lot of research with no solution I tried the softwarecombination of vJoy and Universal Control Remapper UCR. That was my goal.

Plugin your USB Sidewinder FFB Wheel.
Load and install both programs. Then run vJoy and create a device with X and Y-axis and 2 Buttons (or 8 if you want to). Set vJoy device as preferred in your controller settings on Windows.
Now run UCR and set input device your Sidewinder. Output device is your vJoy device. Merge the Y-axis (high axis) and the Z-Rotation axis (low axis) to one Y-Axis. INVERT the low Axis (this is your brake).
Map Axis to Axis in section Joystick to Joystick to activate the X-axis for steering (don´t set the Y-axis in here).
At last map your buttons in section Buttons to Buttons. Set Button 7 and 8 to 1 and 2 for shifting.

Safe that profile an press the Play-button for running this profile. Calibrate in Win controller your vJoy device. Then run GP2 with DOSBox. Calibrate your Wheel ingame and have fun.

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