What to edit things with on Windows 7

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What to edit things with on Windows 7

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When I started using my computer that's running Windows 7 instead of Vista for the purposes of doing things with DOSBox, some GP2-related editors naturally didn't work on the newer OS. For the most part, all I had to find out what worked right was trial and error, so I'm putting this here to hopefully save another Windows 7 user some time.

Swap out circuits using GP2Lap.cfg. I like to name them with slots they work in, for example 01Melbou, 03Bahrai, and 10RBR-ML. To change the number of laps, pit stop strategies, or country, use Paul Hoad's track editor. For the track maps, and for menu pictures in general, GP2HIPIC works fine. Use the GP2 Slot and Tyre Editor for magic data.

For making liveries, use Usenti. It's basically Paint except the palette is right in front of you ready to picked from. No more tweaking RGB values looking for a shade that doesn't exist. And it does a great job of turning things into 233 colours so you can make that sweet GIS-found photo suitable for GP2 without Paint turning it into garbage. To change carshapes, use Paul Hoad's car editor.

If something isn't mentioned, it's either GP2edit's job or I forgot about it.

Basically what I'm saying is don't use FTM or Pitstop Sanity because they corrupt tracks sometimes, and if you make liveries, get Usenti. Seriously.
And that's terrible.
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