Error when starting GP2 limit

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Error when starting GP2 limit

Post by chuckcrowley »

Hello, I got the message "Path not found in module GP2LIMIT at address 01A2:0123." when putting GP2limit in dosbox so it starts at boot and enter GP2.exe address.
How to solve this error? I am using windows 10. Thanks!
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Re: Error when starting GP2 limit

Post by Tiki1810 »


i have almost the Same issue, but its ERROR 018C:0123
I cannot start gp2limit, only with dosbox. but when i set the path, which is correct, it sais the path is wrong...
i use GP2 with DosBox Daum and Windows 11

thank you so much!

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Re: Error when starting GP2 limit

Post by samsepi0l »

I believe gp2 and gp2 need to be in the correct folders before you start them. Dosbox ECE also seems to be the best dosbox version for gp2. I wish I could help you better. The community is small here so it can be difficult to get responses sometimes. Do your best to search though.
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