Le Mans Series 2008

Here you can present your WIP or new cars and/or stuff you made for GP2
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Re: Le Mans Series 2008

Post by jakesanson »

So when do we get to play it?????
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Re: Le Mans Series 2008

Post by AAS »

TdK wrote:FANTASTIC! :yes:
Yes, this carset is really FANTASTIC!
One of the best works in the GP2 history!!! =D>

Thank you very much.
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Re: Le Mans Series 2008

Post by AD »

For those interested, Racecar Engineering are giving away one of their issues digitally as a Christmas treat, containing an article on the "cars getting airborne" topic we talked about for a bit here some time ago. I found it to be an interesting look at things from an engineering/aerodynamics perspective, maybe you guys could, too.
Some non-light reading for after Christmas. Not just feelgood books and "Greetings to your lovely kids" cards 8)
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Re: Le Mans Series 2008

Post by tmc »

At least i couldnt run my LMS-season due to a crash of my notebook. Now i have a very old one and it doesnt run correctly (VDMsound doesnt work), but again i have to say that the cars are very, very beautiful. Incredible! i can only repeat, what AAs wrote: One of the best works in the GP2 history!!! =D>

PS. You wrote about a LMS-Carset with mirrors, is it somewhere available?
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Re: Le Mans Series 2008

Post by Greyhead »

Try the Le Mans 24H carset here:


I believe this has the carshape with the mirrors.
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