New GP2 tracks

Here you can present your WIP or new cars and/or stuff you made for GP2
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Re: New GP2 tracks

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Antonio Pessoa wrote:=D> Aida Snow, amazing!
But.... how to do snow fall on a GP2 track? :-k
I think i know how. I'm thinking about this, and how to do this, for a long time. But i think AAS has made a better version
of it than me. I'm really curious how he made it (if he did). :o :P
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Re: New GP2 tracks

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I drove TK's Dallas Track, and i have to say, that it is fantastic. Especially the graphic details. Veryy accurate and well done! Bravo!

What's your next project? Maybe Montjuich Park? I think, it needs a restauaration, too. [-o< [-o<
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