Formula 2 2021 season

Here you can present your WIP or new cars and/or stuff you made for GP2
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Formula 2 2021 season

Post by pavloslepaul »

Hello everyone,

This is my first ever carset for Grand Prix 2. I decided to create carset for Formula 2 with all 29 drivers and sometimes with car livery variation. Because it's my first mod it's a bit low quality in some aspects like helmets (yeah, I feel so bad when I trying to recreate any of them :( ). Probably many things could be update, maybe performance isn't perfect, but well, maybe you would like it. :)

Also worth mention that I started with modifing F2 2017 carset by bb49 so thanks for him, as being my some type of help :lol: ? Also I didn't tested car with any carshapes.
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Re: Formula 2 2021 season

Post by MTSElectro »

Brilliant work! THere are a few tweaks I'd make but loving the detail you've put into it
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