1939 GP Season Mod

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1939 GP Season Mod

Post by narva93 »

So, after the advice of some brazilian guy here as for how to create it, I finally created a 1939 carset.

Now, why THIS carset? Easy, it was the last racing season before the second world war started, and, in fact, when the season ended it had already started two days before, during the free practice of the Belgrade City Race, which intended to become the Yugoslavian GP, won by no other than Tazio Nuvolari in an Auto-Union.

As carshape, I have used the 1935 Auto-Union one, provided by the same certain brazilian guy in this forum with a link to the already inactive website in which was hosted.

I did use only one carshape because I have no idea of how to display different carshapes in the game at the same time, so what I did is use the auto unions as they came and set the other teams to high nose, so, they did not have the streamlined Auto-Union chasis but rather a standard one.

Given that there are no helmets from the 30's, I used a standard, Goodyear helmet from, if I am not wrong, 1997.

Helmets are downloadable in the website this forum belongs to. If someone wants to improve the carset just do it and send it to me at breizhcatalonia93@gmail.com

The drivers are those provided by Leif Snellman's awesome website "The Golden Era of GP Racing", with a bit of help of Wikipedia.

Given the enormous amount of drivers participating in GP races with private teams, it is likely that as you can only have 26 cars in GP2 not all of them are represented, and there may be some driver from those times which did not participate in the 1939 season but that I added for reaching the requited number of cars.

Here is the link:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1siqPnJ ... sp=sharing

PS: All rights of the Auto Unions belong to their creators.
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Re: 1939 GP Season Mod

Post by eky78 »

For the carshape if you want you can use rremedio´s shapecopy to use a second carshape in the game and put for example a Mercedes which is what I have for the carsets of the 30s (auto union and mercedes).

You can find the tool here.

Only thing it doesn´t work on Win10 it seems.
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