TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)

Here you can present your WIP or new cars and/or stuff you made for GP2
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Re: TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)

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MaxX wrote:
01.02.2022, 10:10
That`s right, it is much work and the community is small. Therefor we are all greatful for new content, especially in that quality :D
Yes- I know what you mean. We must really love gp2 to come up with such good quality content with such a small community!

This is just like my icr2 community,. I have been working on a track for icr2 that was never available (denver 1991) and it has taken me months... I am still not close to finished. I work on it hours almost every day!
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Re: TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)

Post by narva93 »

Hawke wrote:
06.09.2021, 14:51
After a few years absent, I started a month ago again with this great game....

Now i'm playing a modified season, mostly in Europe and now i'm heading to Imola of TdK....

But i can't find a JadJam Convertor? Can somewhone help me with that?
European F1 Championship?
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Re: TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)

Post by Claudio »

TdK wrote:
01.01.2022, 14:44
Hi Everyone!

Here it is, my 2021 Grand Prix 2 Carset!

Enjoy, best wishes and a healthy 2022 for you all! \:D/
I'm addicted to F1 data. So I'm dedicated to optimizing grip and cv performances, with advanced mathematical formulas based on a GP's weekend every weekend. Getting a performance closer to reality. But TDk's graphic work is admirable, because the skins really can't do it. Congratulations and welcome back.
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