Jacarepaguá track pit lane issue

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Jacarepaguá track pit lane issue

Post by JRAJ19 »


I've created a 1989 season, replaced Interlagos with Jacarepagua, started the race and around the times the cars go for their stops whether they are on a 2 stop or 1 stop strategy they crash straight into the barrier rather than enter the pits, when I have to go to the pits on the last corner the car loses control also.

Is it to do with the DAT? I'm slowly learning the basics of modding/creating.

Anyway all the best.
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Re: Jacarepaguá track pit lane issue

Post by MaxX »

Which Rio-Version do you use? Is there a slot suggestion? You can either use that slot or use Roberto`s Magic Data Editor to patch slot stats accordingly.
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Re: Jacarepaguá track pit lane issue

Post by DaSilva82 »

Could be that the "pit in speed" value is too high. This can be found in the magic data of Slot&Tyre Editor.
You probably have to change the "distance to pit in" value too.
This because you're using the data from Interlagos for your new track (at least I think you are)and Interlagos has a completely different pit entry.
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Re: Jacarepaguá track pit lane issue

Post by ismael »

I'm terrible and lazy for Magic Data editing.
I created an Excel file with a tracklist where I keep a column with the slot recommendation (that comes in the TXT with every track) and I always follow it, unless there is none - or unless our Magician Data Specialist include the option to load Magi Data so that the track can fit in any slot.

Jacarepagua tracks are usually a fit for slot 2. For coincidence, that happened to me once; I put Jacarepagua in slot 1 and the pit lane entry seemed like that famous Europe 2007 race, when it started raining and there was like 8 of 10 cars going out in the first corner.

Later I made a fictional season with two races in Brazil. In order not to get anyone offended, the Interlagos race was called "São Paulo Grand Prix" and the Jacarepaguá race was called "Rio de Janeiro Grand Prix".
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Re: Jacarepaguá track pit lane issue

Post by neilwhitedesign »


I had exactly the same issue with the Jacarepagua track while playing a mod of the 1989 season.

Thanks to guidance from the wonderful people on the forum, I managed to solve it by adjusting the 'Distance to Pit In' to 20, while the 'Pit in speed' is set to 20480.

This enabled the Brazilian Grand Prix to stay in Slot 1.

Also, through playing with the 'Qual Timing' and 'Race Timing' values, I got the fastest lap times to within a 10th of those posted in the '89 season.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Jacarepaguá track pit lane issue

Post by samsepi0l »

FYI all - you can save your modified magic data as a file, and upload it wherever you want- or save it for later use if you need to go back and forth between original and home-made tracks.
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