Say hello if your still playing GP2

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Re: Say hello if your still playing GP2

Post by racer63 »

I just wanted to show up to say hi after some years without playing GP2. And I'm astonished to see that GP2 is being played and modded after all these years. This community is awesome to say the least. New and old faces in this forum. Thank you all for keeping this sim alive.

PD: currently I'm trying GP3, the game I played less in GP series. But I'll try to setup GP2 once more. New computer with win10 and DosBox or old one with win XP? I don't know let's see...
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Re: Say hello if your still playing GP2

Post by DannyDarwen »

Hi all,

I have recently started playing GP2 again after nearly 2 decades away, and it is better than I remember.

Thanks to everyone keeping this game alive, and thanks to the extremely talented modders who keep making this game better!

I have made a short video of a lap at Monza. Hope you like it.

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