GP2 No CD & Windows 10

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GP2 No CD & Windows 10

Post by Fiskje88 »

Dear all,

First of all, happy new year, and the best wishes for 2018.

My apologies if this has already been posted, but I could not really find a thread which covers my problem.

To get to my question: I''ve been a fan of the game GP2 ever since it was first released and I've played it for many years now; I am actually quite surprised that there are still so many fans like me. I still have the original CD that I bought over twenty years ago, and it still functions in combination with Dosbox. I have even managed to install my favourite carset - Pieter's 1994 Senna carset, with the red/white Larrousses - by using GP2 Edit (v 1.86) and am quite proud of myself that I've been able to do so. (I used to have "GPX" cds that installed these carsets... not sure if they are known outside the Netherlands.)

However, the one mod that I cannot seem to install is the GP2 No CD patch, as Windows 10 "cannot open this app". As such, I cannot patch it to the programme folder, resulting in me needing the CD to start the game time and time again. Thus, I am unable to replace boring tracks (such as Magny Cours) with wonderful tracks, which I would love to do of course! Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so... what can I do to open the patch without needing to install, say, Windows 8 or XP?

Thank you! :)
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Re: GP2 No CD & Windows 10

Post by rremedio »

You need to activate the patch from DOSBox. It won't work directly on Windows 10.
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Re: GP2 No CD & Windows 10

Post by matherto »

How did you manage to get GP2Edit working with GP2 in DOSbox?

I have no idea how to install GP2 with DOSbox so that when using GP2Edit it'll actually show the current carsets and be able to import new ones.
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