Car physics

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Car physics

Post by rick2020 »

hi everyone, i noticed on grand prix 2 that when you have an accident, the car has like a height limit, it can't fly higher, like there is a height limit, on grand prix 3 and 4 during an accident the cars fly very high, and the cars never roll over, do you know if there is an editor to edit these things?
Bye :D
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Re: Car physics

Post by ismael »

Hello and welcome!
For some reason I didn't noticed your post before. Maybe because I don't have an answer, sorry :( I think there's really a ceiling within the game that it's not possible to overcome, regarding the roll over of cars in crashes. Don't know about any editor that can make it happen.

The famous Friedrich Bang/Ted Meat channel doesn't roll over either:
:wink: :lol:
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