Width between the cars on the starting grid

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Width between the cars on the starting grid

Post by Michael82 »

Hello !
Currently I'm working on a new version of Estoril for the last race of 1984. It will be the layout used in F1 between 1984 and 1993.
Today I have positionned the pole position on the left with menu option track config - track sections - Pole position side
I changed the value (768 is the original for the left and 64758 for the right pole position) to 200 and I was very surprised to see a change in the game when I started a race! The width between the cars was very low(for each row) ! In fact you can change the width in a certain gap (768 and 64758 are any base value). It is a very nice discovery for me particulary when your track is narrow (like Monaco or Zandvoort for example) or very large (Tilke's airport).

Maybe some people found this before but I haven't seen that in a track!
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Re: Width between the cars on the starting grid

Post by rremedio »

That's a very cool find! I tested it here and you can even put the grid in a straight line by changing that value to zero, but then the chaos will happen as the race starts. Using less extreme values seem to work fine without problems at the race start.
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