New Classic Carsets

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Alexandre Faustini
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New Classic Carsets

Post by Alexandre Faustini »

Hi everyone!
The awesome championship give me permission to make ready to race carsets for classic seasons (pre-war, late 50s) with their assets.
Soon i will upload it.
They run a almost 15 year old gp2 championship, with every race run in history of F1. Everyone here is invited to participate!
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Re: New Classic Carsets

Post by tlm70 »

That's really great news, especially since I'm trying to put together a 60's sportscar carshape that is based in no small part on carshapes from some unknown GP2 modders from from quite a few years ago. Studying those carshapes helped me out a lot. I'd love to see some pre-war as well as post-war designs all the way through to the 70's and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
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