gp2 2015 carset

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Re: gp2 2015 carset

Post by hansel »

Heyyyy!!! Thanks a lot mate!!!! Good Job \:D/
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Re: gp2 2015 carset

Post by brakefailure »

Thank you to everyone who made this 2015 carset possible. 8)
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Re: gp2 2015 carset

Post by eky78 »

Hey glad to see new stuff for GP2 :D Well done! =D>
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Re: gp2 2015 carset

Post by roland ratzenberger »

guys i believe that ayman together with hansel .. should form a team ( if they want of course) to make every year the updates.. their updates are very close to reality and after having played the latest carset updates from ayman i believe that this one is the best and the far more close to reality than the others.. i am totally satisfied by you guys.. god bless you :D
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Re: gp2 2015 carset

Post by Peze »

Will check it :D
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