GP2-track width

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GP2-track width

Post by AAS »

Hi all,

need help with a formula:
Formulas of Robin de Paus for track- and verge width
RP: "I have done some research about how to convert GP2-track width and fence width to meters. I have come to the following formulas:

Deler is a variable:
for pitlane values, deler=32768/20
for track values, deler=32768/30


FenceWidth(Meters)=( (FenceWidthGP2*(1024/30))*TrackWidthGP2/1000)/deler*4.87

I have tested these formulas and they are highly accurate."
Can you please explain to me how I can calculate the "TrackWidthGP2" for 15 real meter.
15 X 1092 / 4.87 = 3363,44........... ????????????? :-k
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Re: GP2-track width

Post by rremedio »

Yes, that's how I've always calculated it. I think GP2 makes it fell wider than it is, because using the same values in GP3 makes the track appear more narrow.

I believe this value accounts for both sides of the track, so if you are using symmetrical widths, the 0x85 value should be half the value you get with these formulas. This makes sense if you look at the original GP2 tracks and compare their values with the width of the real tracks.

Great to see you back! =D>
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Re: GP2-track width

Post by Peze »

Indeed, great to see you!

Hmm, I wonder how much values may be off from some tracks in past, but this surely helps:)

For future editing I made simple table for width values:

width (m)
- width value for editor

5 - 561
6 - 673
7 - 785
8 - 897
9 - 1009
10 - 1121
11 - 1234
12 - 1346
13 - 1458
14 - 1570
15 - 1682
16 - 1794
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