Members info - please write in!

Here you can post everything which doesn't fit into the other forums!
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Post by MaxX »

Name: Markus Rotter
Country: Austria
Age: 26
Hobbys: Computer Games, Dancing, Riding my convertible, Handy
Work: Systemadministrator - currently learning C++ programming

I play GP2 since 1996 an it still provides much more fun than all the "newer" F1-sims, thanks to the community I can almost try any year of F1 I want and that is just amazing. At work you can also win using the keyboard and this is great.

I also did works for the following games:
GP2, Indycar Racing (1 & 2), NASCAR Racing (1, 2, 3, 2001, 2003), TOCA II, Unreal Tournament (UT, UT2003, UT2004) and some other
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Post by Nebur »

Name: Ruben Lampe
Country: the Netherlands
State: Limburg
Age: 21
Work: Student
Hobbys: Cycling, Formula 1, Soccer

Cycling Manager Benelux
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Post by Rej40 »

Name: Rej
Country: Canada
Province: New Brunswick
Age: 20
Work: business student
Hobbys: GP2, Karting, Hockey (of course, i'm canadian :lol: ), Racing of any kind, music..

I first tried Grand Prix 2 at age 9 in 1996, when my friend bought it. I got it for my 10th birthday in '97 and played endlessly since. In 2002 I discovered modding and have tried my hand at creating custom cars but I am no artist :lol: I did not play much between 2004 and 2006 but this year I am planning on playing again!
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Post by mira666 »

Name: Cameron Smith
Age: 25
Hobbies: Playing traffic management sims e.g. transport Tycoon Deluxe by Chris Sawyer, Traffic Giant and Transport Giant by Jowood Productions and just starting to get back into GP2

Work: Currently unemployed but spent the last few years working for O2 Telecommunications :)

Peace out

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Post by Greyhead »

Transport tycoon Deluxe is great! i still play that game after over ten years!
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Post by mira666 »

Greyhead wrote:Transport tycoon Deluxe is great! i still play that game after over ten years!
Its brilliant, have been sorting out my old bedroom after moving back home and am turning up all these old games, my mum can't get near her laptop, whats she gonna think when GP2 drops through the letter box

oh dear
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Re: Members info - please write in!

Post by mwi »

name: merten wischnewsky
age: 22
country: germany
work: on the way to a bachelor of science (computer sience)
hobbies: well, gp2 and gp2 and let me think over about it,...yes, gp2! :mrgreen:
starting patching gp2: since 2000

the first car i made was the toyota am01. well it was no great success but good enough to keep on working.
in summer 2006 i had to quit with gp2 because there were much more other things in my life which where more important. but finally i solved all these problems and so i'm proud to say that i'm back :D

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Re: Members info - please write in!

Post by Klon »

Hi, I'm the new one. ^^

Country: Germany
State: Schleswig-Holstein
Age: 16
Work: state certified commercial assitant (in training)
Hobbys: GP2, motorsport, Fantasy Wrestling, video editing
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Re: Members info - please write in!

Post by TdK »

Almost everyone made a post here. So i will too:

Name: Tim de Klein
Age: 22
Country: Holland (or The Netherlands, what you like)
Work: Audi/Volkswagen car-mechanic.
Hobby's/interests: Uhh; Gp2, general motorsport, everything that has to do with cars, electrics and computers.
Started with Gp2: Bought it in 1999, and found out about patching in 2000. Start making my own stuff in 2001, starting with carsets and separate cars. Started in 2002 with creating my own tracks, with the first one to make it to the Internet (Austraring - Austria) in 2003. The rest is well known i guess.... :wink: 8)
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Re: Members info - please write in!

Post by Ian »

Might as well bump this since I'm pretty sure I disappeared from wherever the last forum was long enough ago that I won't be remembered.

Name: Ian K.
Age: 21
Country: United States
Been playing off and on since 1997, mostly off lately since I've had a few, err... compatibility problems with the game since I got this computer a couple years back.
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Re: Members info - please write in!

Post by Edgars Erix »

Name: Edgars M?lkalns
Age: 34
Country: Latvia
Work: Project director at corporate finance company
Hobbies: GP2; F1; Metal music; Latvian history, folklore and mythology

First discovered GP2 in 1999 or 2000. Played for a year or two and then had a break for some years. Now I'm back! \:D/
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Re: Members info - please write in!

Post by Belatti »

Country: Argentina, Pilar city, BsAs province
Age: 26
work: finishing mechanical engineering this year, working in project engineering office at BASF (car paint factory)
hobbies: gp2, chess, playing football and tennis, (unfortunately dont have enough money to race karts or anything, otherwise you bet I would)

I began playing Gp2 in 1998 more or less, I had a lot of F1GP experience so I learnt rapidly
Then when I began using Internet I began downloading Gp2 stuff and... :D :D discovered the best game ever (actually I like driving PS2 GT4 and GP4 more, but those are not as easy to custom as GP2)
Since last year I have no Computer so I built a "Frankenstein" Pentium I and began playing GP2 again thanks to that.

Now Im raising some cash to buy a new Pc and play GP2 in a decent SVGA res, like never before :D
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Re: Members info - please write in!

Post by MaxD1976 »

Name: Max Davies
Age: 31
Country: England
Work: Franchise Director of
Hobbies: GP2; F1; other motor racing series' but most importantly, my family and my baby girl Melissa who is 3 today!

Right then, my GP2 story? QUite simple...
Been playing it since xmas 1996 (i think) when my sister gave it to me as an xmas present.
I still remember opening the wrapping paper, then foaming at the mouth like an escaped lunatic in excitement!
Practically ran through every closed door in the house to switch the PC on, installed the game, double clicked the GP2.exe, and then THAT music and engine noise began...

WOW, what a game. Have tried others namely GP3 and though graphics were a lot better, for sheer enjoyment and ability to alter the game to your own specifications, nothing compares to GP2.

As a 31 year old who runs their own business, I really shouldn't be playing this game. I should be taking care of my customers, getting new ones etc.
But let me ask you this.....

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Re: Members info - please write in!

Post by HF »

Name: H.
Country: Germany
Age: 16
Work: Student in 11th
GP2 (Playin' and patchin')
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Re: Members info - please write in!

Post by MaxD1976 »

I always wanted to play handball HF.
No-one play's it in this country near where I live.

Besides, if I were to play it I wouldn't last 2 seconds now as I recently stopped smoking after over 10 years! Gotta give the lungs a chance first!
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