Original Hungaroring - racing and setups

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Original Hungaroring - racing and setups

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This was being discussed in the "2019 Track Updates" thread but as I wanted to further reply to RRemedio, I thought it would too much of a subject change, so I'm creating a new thread.

This is about driving and setting up a car for the Original GP2 Hungaroring.

rremedio wrote:
16.12.2020, 03:47
ismael wrote:
16.12.2020, 01:59
I had already tried the Hungaroring 2003 version and, ofc, this one matches what you indicated in the txt. I know you don't like it very much but it was worth it. I'm more than fine with current graphics.

I could never cope with the Original GP2 Hungaroring. I could lower the ride heights, but the understeer in the chicanes was always awful, and the kerbs horribly high. I could just aim for 3rd place as Williams nº 2 and hope for the better. Once again, and regardless of the layout change after 2003, it's amazing how much more realistic your tracks are compared with the original ones - and, in this particular case, a different and more realistic challenge. At least to me.

If someone could master Hungaroring in the original game, in Ace level, and deal with Schumacher through 77 laps, please share your stories!
Thanks! Yeah I think it was worth it too.

I would like Hungaroring much more if not for the 2 first corners and the 2 last ones. In the original GP2 track I remember the suffering of going through those corners with old tyres. I lost many races in there lol
Your reply is quite instersting to me as it shows how versatile, adaptable GP2 could, which seems more amazing today as it is a 25 year-old game. My experience in Original Hungaroring seems the opposite of yours. Turns 1 and 2 and the penultimate and last turns were those were I could go faster relatively to the CC-cars.
My setups between different tracks were, of course, similar. Later, after finding this forum in 2014-15, I found the "The fine art of racecar setup" by John Wallace, where he says: "The tendency in GP2 is to set the front reasonably stiff (1,200lbs or more) and the back reasonably soft (800lbs or so)." This looked right according to my previous, past experience. But I suppose that RRemedio had quite a different approach to achieve opposite car behavior around the track.
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