Perez DNF in GP2 style

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Perez DNF in GP2 style

Post by ismael »

Amazingly Romain Grosjean is fine, thanks to the Halo and all the safety standards introduced in car building since 1994.

Apart of the Grosjean mayhem, Bahrain's race brought something that GP2 players surely cherished: an engine failure in Grand Prix 2 style.

It's quite unusual to have smoking engines nowadays. When Perez's Mercedes started to smoke, I thought he would coast at the end of the main straight, or something like that.

Amazingly, he went on half a lap with smoking increasing, generating a large column to drivers behind him, and ending with a small fire until finally he realized it and pulled off.

I did not see radio replays so I don't understand the team why did not tell him to quit sooner. But apart of the danger, keeping going with more and more smoke until the car gets fire was a perfect GP2 engine failure to see live.
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Re: Perez DNF in GP2 style

Post by MaxX »

Exactly, I felt the same. Has been some time we have seen that. Some GP2-style engine failures are quite some rotation to the usual unspectacular instant or pit retirements.
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