Polar moment of inertia of current F1 cars

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Polar moment of inertia of current F1 cars

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I was watching the 2 spins by Alex Albon and the crash by Danny Ric on the free practice of the Styrian Grand Prix and I got wondering. I did not study Physics nor Engineering, but I follow F1 and car racing for some time now, so it's almost the same :lol:

The polar moment of inertia is that concept that I know vaguely what it means thanks to car racing. It's included in RRemedio's Slot and Tyre Editor.
I got thinking: isn't the polar moment of inertia of current F1 cars closer to DTM/Touring cars than to "traditional" F1? These spins made me think that after the driver goes over a narrow limit, it's impossible for him to hold the car with a counter-lock of the steering wheel. The car is lost for good as inertia takes control of it like it happens when a DTM car loses the rear.

What do you guys think, especially RRemedio who surely understands the concept?
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