Carshape 2022

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Re: Carshape 2022

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Many many thanks for this! =D> =D> =D> Especially as I can again enjoy an F1 carset without having to do it \:D/
Also the carshape looks great and I think adaptable to all the cars.

Hope to see other projects from you in the future :D
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Re: Carshape 2022

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JIRKa24 wrote:
06.04.2022, 07:11
So there is a first version of the F1 2022 carset. There are still some bugs, but I hope you will enjoy it.
hello mate, i have make some improvements in the carset regarding the values of the drivers, of course this would be changed again in the future but up to now i think what i have done represents the current form of the grid. In any case because this carset is your work and not mine, i am writting this to ask for a permision to share and upload your carset with revised values in this foroum so that anyone who is interested to download it.

i have changed only the drivers and team values and a little bit the failure rate of some teams. As i have said before further improvements could be done if anyone is interested in making
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Re: Carshape 2022

Post by MaxX »

Thank you very much for this :D
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