Can't catch up to the AI at the race,but can qualify on pole

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Can't catch up to the AI at the race,but can qualify on pole

Post by MatheusMD »

So,my GP2 has an early 94' carset,and i wanted to play the season as a Jordan,but i noticed,that on races,the ai always opens up from me very fast,and i can't catch up(it also happens on quick races),but i can qualify at very high positions on Quali sessions,i already tried to put the same HP levels from the Quali(the Race=Quali funtion on GPedit),and the same thing with the grip levels,tried to alter the weight,an nothing,can someone help me with this?

My driver grip info: Quali/Race-15770 Range:2059

Car:Jordan/710 Hp (i also tested with other cars,it still happens)

i also put alll the ai cars with 596Kg weight values at the car settings

I use Semi-Pro dificulty and 1994 spread

If need extra info,i can put it here

Sorry for any grammar mistakes
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Re: Can't catch up to the AI at the race,but can qualify on pole

Post by ismael »

Hello and welcome to the forum!

I have several doubts regarding what your problems are. I'm assuming that you're being slow in the races, just by your race pace, and not doing any mistakes nor going off the track. I'm also assuming you're using the same setup for qualifying and races.

I never change the cars weight. Other more experienced drivers could help with that. Usually I only switch on "Selected Team Power" in the GP2 Editor program. If you're playing the 1994 version and you do not switch that option on, you will race with 780 HP, no matter for what team you're driving.

Perhaps you're having trouble with setups? This page has 4 guides I personally like "The fine art of racecar setup", but I should take a look on the others, too!

Please tell us if you have other questions, regarding setups or anything else. Best regards!
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Re: Can't catch up to the AI at the race,but can qualify on pole

Post by MaxX »

Seconded, quali and race-setup might have a huge impact. Similar to todays point of view (quali and race are two different racing leagues) GP2 also simulated that very good. A car on low fuel and totally fresh tires behaves differently than in the race.

It is also possible to use a setup for both occasions when you accept the trade-offs. I think the key to success is patience and gaining experience during races. You will constantly improve and finally you can crush the records.

Alternatively you can use the Slot and Tire Editor from rremedio ( and lower the cc cars grip for race only for quick success and switch back to original after you got faster.

And welcome to the board :)
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