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CC-car Pit Stop strategy in Magny-Cours

Posted: 18.01.2019, 15:44
by ismael
Hello everyone,

In the original game, while playing in Magny-Cours with 50% Race Distance (36 laps), CC-cars doing one-stop apparently will do it in lap 23 instead of lap 18, hence making the 1st stint longer than the second. (I don't remember this happening before.)
Did anyone notice this? Is there any bug with my original-game install? Or is this really supposed to happen, corresponding to a CC pint stategy of

start pitting at lap 19 Pit within 8 laps
start pitting at lap 44 Pit within 8 laps

for 100% Race Distance in the CC Pitstop Strategy Editor of WinTrackMan (data that appears as default with the original game)?