"snap oversteer" on corners that have height transitions

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Re: "snap oversteer" on corners that have height transitions

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samsepi0l wrote:
19.02.2020, 19:37
In my opinion this is the biggest flaw in the game. Same thing across many tracks.

We need to find a way to modify the physics so height changes have less affect on the handling of the car. I am not so much talking about playing with the setup (because this will affect the car everywhere on the track) but I mean modifying things with the track editor, magic data or gp2edit.

One way (which is difficult and time consuming) is to do it like I did for A1 ring. Here I changed the height values in the track so that the problem went away. This did not really seem the visual 'feeling' of height transitions during play but it sure made the handling more realistic.
Yes, that would be ideal. Changing the heights is something I also did before and it worked but it is not an option if we want the most accurate tracks. I tried changing many many values on the "physics section" of the exe but none of them gave me good results. I think we need to actually understand the code so we are able to do meaningful changes. I think it is doable, but it is very hard and it needs a good knowledge of Assembly code.
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Re: "snap oversteer" on corners that have height transitions

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After racing Hungary today and dealing with catching snap oversteer in the fast left hand turn 5- I am wondering if there is any chance we can use the "polar moment of inertia" editor to reduce the moment of inertia to prevent this from affecting the handling so much.. Do you guys have any opinions?
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Re: "snap oversteer" on corners that have height transitions

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Hello samsepi0l, just to confirm - no, I never tried the polar moment of inertia editor. I strongly encourage you to try and come back with your findings - this seems to be kind of unexplored territory in GP2!

Maybe Ted Meat could, in the near future, try to tell his mechanics of the Season of Pain to do the same in order to try to pre-qualify at least once :lol: :lol:
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