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New site

Post by rremedio »

Hi there!

I'm probably going to write a lot of unnecessary ramblings here so the TLDR: I created so we have a place to upload our files since AAS hasn't been available to update

It is not intended to replace in any way, just allow us to have our files in an easy to find place, as well as serving as backup to the files we post here.

It won't have open registration because that would require me to check if new accounts are from real people and not bots and also check if those people are actually in the GP2 community. But later today and tomorrow I will be inviting some people who still create tracks, carsets, etc and also some active forum members so they all can create accounts if they want and they will be able to upload files to the site. That way if I have to take a few months away from GP2 like I've done many times, the site can still be updated.

The idea is there if someone posts a file here and they don't have an account in someone else can upload the file there. Of course, we will not upload files if the author doesn't want us to do it and if by any chance we do upload something and its author want us to remove it from the site, we will do it.

So far I uploaded most of my GP2 creations and Antonio have been uploading his stuff in the last couple of weeks and the website seems to be working fine so far.

My old site went down when the service where it was hosted changed its policies regarding small accounts and I didn't want to pay as much as they were charging to keep it going. Also, it was a bit of a pain to keep it updated. So intead of just moving it to another host I decided to build the small tools it needed and I figured it would be more useful if it wasn't restricted to my files.

I won't be adding new features very often. I have a few of them planned (like search and filters) but I don't have that much free time lately so idk when it will happen. But I'm listening to any suggestions and I may implement them when doing some backend update.

Again, I will be messaging some of you soon to invite you to create accounts so you can help keeping it up to date.

I know it doesn't look very good but we wil have to live with it because designing pages is not something I can do very well.
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Re: New site

Post by ismaelgp2 »

Great news! Thanks!
I've checked and the design seems perfect to me. We can easily get to where we want :)
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Re: New site

Post by samsepi0l »

This is awesome. I like how simple the site looks. If you need people to donate to help pay for the site I would be glad to help. Anything to help gp2~!
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Re: New site

Post by DannyDarwen »

Really appreciate this, Roberto! I think the site looks great too!

Please get in touch if you need any help with admin etc..
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Re: New site

Post by roland ratzenberger »

Ohh indeed nice news
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Re: New site

Post by Michael82 »

=D> =D> Thank you Roberto!
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Re: New site

Post by MaxX »

This it great, thank you very much :D
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