Grand Prix 4

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Grand Prix 4


At the A1 Ring, everything went well.... everything? Well... only until the 5th lap.
At the A1 Ring, everything went well.... everything? Well... only until the 5th lap.
Hello - yep, I'm still alive and well! :P

Just ordered GP4 and it arrived yesterday in a big box (you know.. the way how 90s games were sold..) - I installed the GPx-Patch and the decrypted .exe and got my first problems with GP4Master... it doesn't allow me to start the program, because he can't detect the decrypted .exe of GP4 because the filesize is invalid..... any solutions?
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Re: Grand Prix 4

Post by Mickeyg »

Just an idea. Did you try to patch the game.

Sometimes the box comes with the patch disc.

If not look here:

Hope this helps
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Re: Grand Prix 4

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I am following all the guides and installing all the patches and still not getting anywhere. Does anybody want to screen share my computer and show me what I'm doing wrong?
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Re: Grand Prix 4

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download gp4 from here just extract it and play

Remember to restart the game after configuring your graphics and sound
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