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by DaSilva82
28.02.2017, 19:37
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Topic: A new track ?
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Re: A new track ?

Hey Michael,

that track is absolutely brilliant!
In combination with the video it's breathtaking and it shows what still can be done with an old game as GP2.

Thnx! :yes:
by DaSilva82
03.02.2017, 13:00
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Topic: Fragata Track Manager Track maps problem
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Fragata Track Manager Track maps problem

Hello there!!

I'm trying to use Fragata Track Manager to change the track map pictures but whatever I do, the pictures will not change in GP2.

I browse, get the new pictures, export them to gp2 and they're not there when I start the game!!

So what I'm I doing wrong?

Gp2 forever!! :thumbsup:
by DaSilva82
03.02.2017, 12:57
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Topic: GP2HIPIC in Dos Box
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GP2HIPIC in Dos Box

Hello GP2 friends! I'm having trouble getting GP2HIPIC to work in DosBox. It won't work in windows because of the incompabilitation with the 64 bits windows. In DosBox it will start but whatever I enter (q or 1 ) it says illigal command. Does anybody knows how to get this started? I thank you all an...