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by granitorenato
29.01.2021, 00:48
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Topic: New tracks for GP2 - Antonio Pessoa
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Re: New tracks for GP2 - Antonio Pessoa

Are these all real tracks?

Hawaii circuit there was no race but I saw the tests with Gugelmin’s FIndy

good job as usual
by granitorenato
21.12.2020, 12:39
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Topic: Carset F2 Codasur
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Carset F2 Codasur

Formula 2 Codasur - best category of single seats that existed in South America. Best driver results between the 1983-1986 championships.
Bonus - you can drive 2 cars (team helmets)
by granitorenato
19.12.2020, 18:29
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Topic: TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)
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Re: TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D>
by granitorenato
18.12.2020, 22:11
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Topic: 80s Carsets
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80s Carsets

Carset of the spectacular 80s. Many drivers and teams that marked the epoch in the 1980s. Did some stay out? Yes, of course, but this is only a small memory of the 1980s (1980-1989) Some tracks I use in the game: Jacarepaguá 1989, Detroit 1984, Monza 1984, Zandvoort 1980s, Hockennhein, Brands Hatch,...
by granitorenato
18.12.2020, 15:08
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Topic: Alternatives 2020 carsets
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Alternatives 2020 carsets

Alternatives 2020 carsets 2020 : contains 20 starting riders of the 2020 season, 3 substitute riders and 3 riders who participated in free practice. Bonus: you can race with a Racing Point or an Alfa Romeo. (Team helmets) In carset bonus ( 2020 alternativa) : George Russell in Mercedes Benz #63 ( Sa...
by granitorenato
18.12.2020, 14:49
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Topic: 2019 Track Updates
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Re: 2019 Track Updates

great =D> =D>