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by GabrielSC
14.08.2021, 03:52
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Topic: Sportscar World Championship 1960's carset WIP
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Re: Sportscar World Championship 1960's carset WIP

Hi, I would like to know if Carshape will still be done, for the World Sportscar Championship, I really like the Championship and would love to play, if anyone has this carset could you send me [-o<
by GabrielSC
22.07.2021, 05:57
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Topic: Track Brooklands
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Track Brooklands

hello My friends, I'm starting to like the golden days of Formula 1, but a Circuit that I really like is the Brooklands circuit that nowadays remains disabled, by chance someone did, or could do make this Circuit, with that the game is even cooler, :D
by GabrielSC
19.05.2021, 23:18
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Topic: Carset 1951
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Carset 1951

Hello guys, I'm kind of new here on the forum, but if someone can help me, I'm looking for the 1951 carset, updated because there at it's outdated, if someone can help find one 1951 Carset, I thank you very much :D :(