For Grand Prix 2 by Microprose

Installation Belini '99
1. Before installing please make sure you have a FRESH, FULL INSTALLATION
of GP2, DO NOT install over a  previously patched version of GP2. !!!
Install the new GP2 into the folder  : "GP2bel"
2. Create a new folder "Bel99" into your "GP2bel" folder.
3. Copy the six .rar's (belini '99_1.rar,  belini '99_2.rar,  Menu.R00,  Menu.R01,  Menu.R02,  Menu.rar) into the new folder :\GP2BEL\Bel99
Extract belini '99_1.rar to     :\GP2BEL\Bel99
Extract belini '99_2.rar to     :\GP2BEL\Bel99
Extract the first menu.rar to   :\GP2BEL\Bel99
(this extracts the four menu.rar's in one step)

(right-click , Extract Here)
5. Now you can delete the six .rar's from :\GP2BEL\Bel99
Start the install.exe into your folder "Bel99"
Install dry conditions or wet simulation.
Changes (dry or wet) can be made later
via the Belini '99 Manager on the desktop 
or from the manager.exe in the folder Bel99.
7. GP2NOCD :This patch will alter the file GP2.EXE so that Belini '99 can be played without the CDROM.
- Copy Gp2nocd.exe into the GP2 directory on your hard drive.
- Run Gp2nocd.exe (double-click the Gp2nocd.exe. Forget the other steps in the Gp2nocd-ReadMe)
Start GP2


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