re-programmed for that '99 feel.......

designed and created by PK Arnall
installation Marc Aarts


Carset stats
Race performance
Wet race simulation
1999 track amendments
2000 track amendments


Welcome to Belini '99

Belini '99 is programmed to re-create the '99 formula one season.
All tracks are '99 spec including track revisions, pit lanes, lap times, pit stop strategies. 

A new feature in Belini '99 is an amended car feel, creating less grip and higher top speed to 
simulate a 1999 F1 car, so throw away those low downforce setups, you'll have to start again.
WARNING , the AI doesn't give up, so don't expect to have ANY easy races!!!!!!


With Belini'99  gp2 is patched with data specific to the performance of each track,
tracks will only perform properly in their installed slots.

Before installing please make sure you have a FRESH, FULL INSTALLATION of GP2, 
DO NOT install over a previously patched version of GP2.

For best performance please use Belini '99 tracks in MS DOS (tm) mode.

Belini '99 has been tested with:

gp2lap -
gp2replay -  or  here
cws (cpd cockpits) -
gp2 split -  or  here

gp2edit is required to patch single race performance patches and can be downloaded from

Carset info

The '99 pack comes with a 1999 carset (dry and wet) and full season performance patch.

Also included are single race performance patches for all tracks, created from real 1999 qualifying/race performance and team reliability stats (requires gp2edit).

There's also a preliminary 2000 carset (gp2edit needed).

Carset stats

Dry conditions - data compiled from all 16 races, weight increased to 600kg - grip factor default 
Wet conditions - data compiled from all 16 races, weight increased to 600kg - grip factor default - driver performance altered (+/- 2%).

Patch grip levels calculation 770bhp@32200 grip (max grip).

Using 770bhp@32200 grip ensures that the AI performance is comparable in multi-play mode, so be prepared to battle just as hard with your team mate as you would with the front runners.

Race Performance
Qualifying times have been programmed using ace mode, and should produce qualifying results within 3/10ths (+/-) margin of real qualifying times. 

Race lengths should be within 50sec of real race lengths. Stats only apply to dry races that ran the full distance, races that had wet qualifying have been amended for dry conditions.

Single race patches for Magny Cours and Nurburgring are both wet races, so it's advised to use the dry full season patch for these races if you don't wish to chance the wet.

Single race patches do not use random grip so performance should remain constant.
The full season patch does use random grip so expect up to a few 10ths difference (+/-) in qualifying.

Wet Race Simulation

Belini '99 also has a wet race simulation which can be applied from the Belini installation menu. 
The conditions  produce lap times similar to racing in medium/light rain conditions. 

It effects all tracks, so to revert to dry conditions the process will need to be reversed. 

The feel of the car under wet conditions is similar to that of F1GP (without the spray), so if you never experienced driving in the wet with wheel spin in 4th gear, the advice is to set the car with full rear downforce, change gear early, soft on the brakes and hope.

'99 track amendments
All tracks have to be run in there original positions, the reason that they're not in the correct schedule for '99 is because of the pit in/out code, which still eludes, other than that multi-play turns should be correct with all tracks.

'99 amendments - pit lane - topography

'99 amendments - new

'99 amendments - pit lane - turns 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,11,17,18,19,20,21 - topography

'99 amendments - '99 chicane - swimming pool complex - topography

'99 amendments - pit lane - turn 9 - topography

'99 amendments - turn 7,15,16,17 - topography

'99 amendments - topography

'99 amendments - pit lane - S/F position - turn 1,7,8,9,10,14,15,16 - topography

'99 amendments - pit lane - chicane 2,3 - topography

'99 amendments - pit lane - topography

'99 amendments - pit lane - topography

'99 amendments - pit lane - turn 8,9 - topography

'99 amendments - new

'99 amendments - new

'99 amendments - pit lane - topography

'99 amendments - new

2000 track amendments

2000 amendments - turn 1 

2000 amendments - new


Special thanks to :
Marc Aarts, Pieter van Dieren, Steven Young, James Ariz, Mark Joseph,
Byron Crawford & Trev Evans.